Católica Porto Business School continues to invest heavily in the field of Taxation

Tuesday, February 6, 2024 - 15:48

One of the most popular learning areas at Católica Porto Business School (CPBS), Taxation has three courses in its portfolio, all under the direction of Duarte Travanca, a guest lecturer at the institution. For him, "it has been a privilege to be the director of courses that teach this subject in a unique and differentiating way".

Realising the importance of diversifying learning options and deepening knowledge, CPBS offers the General Taxation Course, taught entirely online, and the Executive Intensive Taxation and Advanced Taxation courses. "It's as if we were climbing a ladder, with higher rungs leading to more complex topics, but always demystifying and simplifying the rules, laws and tax codes," says Duarte Travanca.

Anticipating the natural evolution of its students throughout the courses, CPBS also offers the possibility of obtaining a postgraduate qualification by completing two executive courses. "The Postgraduate Diploma in Advanced Taxation is part of a programme at the school where the Intensive Taxation and Advanced Taxation executive courses work as modules. And when students complete the two modules, they get a postgraduate qualification," explains the lecturer.

As these courses have been part of CPBS's DNA for several years, "the main aim is for our students to understand the logic, scope, limitations and contingencies of the tax life of citizens and companies. Basically, its raison d'être," concludes Duarte Travanca.

Applications for the various courses are now open. The Advanced Tax Executive Course begins in March and the General Tax Course in May. October sees the start of the Intensive Tax Executive Course. Those interested can find out more here.