Mission, Vision e Values


To develop professionals for a global, sustainable and ethical society, and advance knowledge on management and economics, through impactful innovation, connections with practice and adoption of a global mindset. 


Católica Porto Business School aims to be recognised as:

- A prestigious research-intensive European school of business and economics;
- A leading European school with respect to making a meaningful impact on society and practice;
- A prime option for students seeking holistic development as individuals.


Católica Porto Business School aims to develop high-value, differentiated value propositions across its activities. 

Católica Porto Business School shares the humanist principles of Universidade Católica Portuguesa, such as the protection of people’s dignity, respect for justice and equality, honesty and integrity. The School aims to develop individuals holistically, equipping them to thrive in a global, interconnected world. Since its inception, the School’s raison d’être has been strongly rooted in principles of responsible management, and ethics and sustainability are central to its mission. 

Católica Porto Business School has a deeply-ingrained innovation and pioneering culture, striving to be on the forefront of the activities it is engaged in. To do so, the School adopts a proactive attitude of experimentation and a continuous improvement mindset. 

Strategic Axes

The School’s values, mission and vision are translated into strategic direction through three strategic axes:

- Impactful Innovation
- Connections with Practice
- Global Mindset