Career and Development Office

Career and Development Office aims to promote your personal and professional development so that your experience at the University is as positive as possible.

It is an innovative initiative focussed on supporting the development of transversal skills and promoting the connection between organisations and the business alumni network.

Here you can find a place to get to know yourself better, think about study methods and strategies for dealing with exams, and develop soft skills in oral communication, organisation, time management and teamwork. You can also work on communication tools, get internships and find job offers.

Throughout your track with us, you will have countless opportunities to develop yourself and get closer to the business world, such as:

• Career and Educational Development Counselling
• Advisory
• Coaching Associated with Project Disciplines
• Career Day for Undergraduates & Masters
• Employment Opportunities

Career and Development Office Platform

On this online platform, you can apply for job offers, find out about events, schedule meetings and access other resources related to your academic and professional development.

To register, you must use your Universidade Católica Portuguesa email, in association with the domain