Executive MBA

Program Description

Executive Education seeks to create a learning environment capable of stimulating students to think differently about the same realities. We seek to make the school a strategic space for reflection, sharing and self-knowledge that will allow students to leave the routine and their daily responsibilities and focus on their professional and career goals.

We want you to see us as a partner in your learning journey, someone you can trust and that will help you meet your personal and professional goals.

Today, any executive is faced with an increasingly complex and interconnected world. In this sense, we offer a set of appropriate programmes for all career stages and developed by teachers who are references in their field of knowledge, and which combine academic demand with the value of business practice. This training can also be supplemented with international experiences if you decide to make the international week programmes in China, Brazil, Angola and Spain. We believe that after the experience at our school, you will be a better-prepared executive with more expertise, more ideas and more potential impact on your organisation.

Differentiation Points

Because "know-how", "know-people", and "know-business" oblige to the (re) sustained knowledge of values and competencies, which is rarely implemented in executive education courses, we offer a demanding and selected training program at these levels, which we consider a distinctive experience.

We want our future graduates to be in business as in life: with CREATIVITY, VERTICALITY, ETHICS and HUMANITY.