The Master's in Management has a common core in the 1st semester of core Business Management subjects, followed, in the 2nd semester, by one of 5 specialisations. After starting the program, students will be asked to express their preference for the specialisation they wish to do in the 2nd semester.

Of the 5 specialisations, we have 3 in English and 2 in Portuguese. Get to know each of our specialisations in detail:

1. Management Control (evening, only in Portuguese)

If you want to know more about this specialisation, please click here (information in PT only).

2. Business Analytics (daytime, in English)

The Business Analytics specialisation opened in the 2015/2016 academic year. The enormous growth of Business Analytics as an area of ​​knowledge in universities and as a functional area in organisations is essentially related to the growth of data available to companies, which began with greater strength in the first decade of this century.

This growth in data has generated several needs in companies – needs for data technologies (for storing and managing them) and data analysis literacy. It is by increasing this data analysis literacy that our school has contributed.

Our programs do not focus exclusively on data analysis tools and techniques. We are a management school, and as such, our biggest concern is always to put tools and techniques at the service of management and decision-making processes.

Our renowned faculty, boasting both management experience and a wealth of national and international teaching expertise, ensures our students gain the necessary technical and technological know-how and the practical application of these skills across diverse management functions. From technical essentials like Python programming and R and its application in solving real-world management problems in áreas of data mining, regression, and optimisation, our courses offer a holistic approach.

What's more? Our students don't just graduate; they evolve. The majority find themselves thriving in the Analytics field post-master, a testament to the immense learning and growth experienced from the beginning to the end of the specialisation.

And here's the icing on the cake—it's all in English and conveniently scheduled during working hours. 

3. Services Management (daytime, in English)

The Service sector has been growing significantly and now accounts for over 70% of most developed economies' GDP. It includes key economic sectors like retail, healthcare, tourism, financial services, government services, legal services, consulting services, transportation, communication, and industrial services, among many others. The emergence of disruptive digital technologies and artificial intelligence is expected to further accelerate this growth. Thus, a major competitiveness challenge for the next decades is to improve service activities' efficiency, quality and innovation by developing and implementing appropriate management best practices tailored to the specific characteristics of services.

The specialisation in service management aims to train professionals for the new service-intensive economies, addressing an urgent need for service-oriented firms and manufacturing companies with relevant service orientation. The programme provides a multidisciplinary overview of the Service Management area, including research and practices related to Operations, Marketing, Information Systems, Management of Innovation, Project Management and Business Analytics.

The programme benefits from close links to the S.Lab - Service Management Lab, providing opportunities for students to collaborate in applied research projects with real-world service organisations and work on dissertations associated with S.Lab’s ongoing projects.

At the end of the programme, students are expected to i) master the state-of-the-art Service Management, ii) understand the specificity of services requiring differentiated management approaches, iii) master concepts, practices and tools to enable students to impact the management of service activities and organisations.

Graduates will attain a differentiated job market profile, enabling them to develop successful international careers in service and service-oriented manufacturing firms. Graduates will also be excellently positioned to pursue international research studies (e.g., PhD programmes).

4. International Management* (end of the afternoon, in English)

The Master's in Management programme is expected to feature a new specialisation starting in 2024/2025: International Management. Overall, this specialisation aims to meet the growing demand from our graduates for training that equips them to manage international organisations. This aligns with the increasing demand for professionals with strong skills in this area, both from national and international organisations, whether operating within or outside our country.

To align with this market trend, we rely on our own career faculty capable of teaching specific curricular units for this specialisation. Additionally, we have an extensive network of contacts in the field of international management and business. This ensures teaching with current practical cases by a faculty team with national and international experience, contributing to attracting national students aspiring to develop an international career and international students wishing to enrol in this programme.

This also aligns with one of the vectors of our school's mission, aiming to promote the training of professionals fit for the global job market and provide them with practical skills through internships and fieldwork with internationally present organisations in the local business fabric or with international experience.

The specialisation includes courses such as International Financial Management, International Business and Global Value Chain Management, Data Science for International Management, International Entrepreneurship, International Marketing, International Taxation, Sustainability and Ethics in Business, and Consulting in International Management. Students will be able to apply their knowledge through visits to companies and work with a highly experienced faculty in terms of International Management. They will be qualified to pursue a career in this area and engage in fundamental or applied research.

This specialization will be entirely conducted in English and preferably scheduled between 5:30 PM and 8:30 PM.

5. Human Resources Management* (daytime, only in Portuguese)

If you want to know more about this specialisation, please click here (information in PT only).

*Programme awaits A3ES accreditation, scheduled for June 2024




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