Empresas e Recrutadores

Recruit our talent

The Católica Porto Business School invests heavily in the connection with the business community at national and international level. Besides being essential to provide development experiences fundamental to the School students, this relationship is an asset for companies that are associated with this project.

Applications open throughout the whole year.

Collaborate as jury in Católica Porto Business School project subjects

The Skills Statement Public Sessions or Final Presentations in the project subjects have the participation of an external jury that consists of reputed businesspeople. These representatives offer to pose questions to students about the work presented, as well as to provide personalised feedback, by making constructive criticism to area in need of improvement and strengthening the successes and achievements made by the students.

The company representatives can integrate any of the sessions as jurors. This collaboration takes place in a morning or an afternoon. This moment is an opportunity for students to receive recognition and external validation by renowned representatives of the business community. For employers this event can also provide an opportunity for recruitment, which is intended for excellence, as well as a visible and rewarding approach to university.

Integration of Católica Porto Business School Mentoring programmed aimed at 2nd cycle students

The Católica Porto Business School Mentoring Programme, which has Google official support, aims to prepare today's students for the challenges they may encounter in the labour market by having contact with well-reputed professionals.

The mentees are 2nd cycle students in the Católica Porto Business School and the mentors are a group of professionals, mainly in the fields of economics and management, who establish a close relationship with the Católica Porto Business School as alumni or strategic partners. Mentors may be invited or enroll on their own initiative.

The mentor's role is:
- To share their route, their experiences and the choices that marked their career, creating a close relationship with the mentee;
- To contribute to a better understanding of the mentee in terms of functions, training, activity sectors, future challenges, among others;
- To facilitate networking with professionals and signal opportunities to be explored by the mentee.

All mentors and mentees can integrate the Mentoring Programme community on Google+, an exclusive group that allows contact between all participants involved in the Mentoring Programme.

Mentors are requested a minimum of 6 contacts – face-to-face or virtual meetings, e-mail response, visit the company where the mentor works, among others – in a maximum of 6 hours per year.

Participation as a speaker at Católica Porto Business School Invites Companies

The Católica Porto Business School Invites Companies is another university-industry cooperation practice, in which external guest speakers are invited (business representatives) to present an experience or explore a particular topic related to a particular subject. This initiative will abridge theory and practice, showing applicability and relevance of the contents taught.

Support in carrying out visits to companies

The aim of these visits is to provide students with career exploration opportunities in a business context. Thus, the aim is to show students different realities in the various sectors of activity. During these visits, the companies present the areas they operate in and students can ask questions and clarify all their doubts.
The Alumni can organise or facilitate internal contact in the company where they work and arrange a visit.

Integration of available professionals for career exploration interviews

Direct contact with Alumni network professionals already integrated into the labour market allows students to better understand the possible areas of professional integration they have at their disposal within the framework of Economy and Management, in logic of career exploration and career itself.

The possibility of a student interviewing a professional and collecting their testimonial allows the deconstruction of stereotypes and unrealistic visions of the labour market, the realisation of academic and professional conscious choices and the development of more effective graduate-company approach speeches.

The alumni can offer to integrate the portfolio of professionals to be interviewed. Contact with students is mediated by the Career and Development Office of the School and occurs upon the professional’s availability.