Customised Training

No two companies are the same and each business has its specificities. This is extremely important when developing tailored training for the company's staff and employees.

Advantages of choosing Católica Porto Business School

Católica Porto Business School is prepared to work with each company to designNo two companies are identical and each business has its own unique characteristics. It is extremely important to develop customized training for the staff and employees of each company. programs customised to their needs and objectives. Each program results from the articulation of experiences and knowledge between Católica Porto Business School and each client organisation, resulting in a school-company partnership that allows the design of programs that enhance the development and reinforcement of values ​​and culture for companies and applied knowledge to the school.

This is the basis for Católica Porto Business School's recognition in offering intra-company programs. 

Tailor-made programmes

The customised programs carried out by Católica Porto Business School result from an iterative process that goes through five phases:

1. Contextualization with the strategy
The School promotes reflection meetings between the program's Scientific Director and the Client to agree on the programme's model, duration, operation and content to guarantee alignment between the organisation and the strategy and ensure conditions for its successful performance.

2. Training Diagnosis
In the second phase, the training diagnosis resulting from the joint process of the 1st phase is made.

3. Program Design
The program is designed after contextualisation with the strategy and the correct definition of training needs. Its scope, structure and detailed contents of each module are defined, which are the subject of a fine specification (i.e., preparation of subject sheets). The contents are discussed between the responsible Teacher and a Client Collaborator (i.e., the business sponsor) to adjust the themes, exercises and cases for discussion to the client's needs and concrete reality.

4. Program Execution
In the fourth phase of implementing the program, the School can assist the client in a talent management approach, participating in the candidate selection process, providing information on their performance and involving employees from the organisation in the training process.

5. Final Balance and Follow-Up
The final assessment and follow-up phase consists of a continuous improvement process, which monitors execution and produces a final report summarising the entire process. In recurring corporate university programs, final balance contributions are incorporated into subsequent programme editions. Under certain circumstances, corporate university programs may continue into degree-granting programmes.

Advantages for the organisation but also the employees

Carrying out customised training at Católica Porto Business School allows the accumulation of credits (ECTS - European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System). This allows the student to continue their training in other programs at our business school, accumulating their respective credits.