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The dangerous Messianism of techno-optimism | Arménio Rego

Monday, February 5, 2024 - 16:51
Líder Magazine

«The “Techno-optimist Manifesto”, written by multimillionaire Marc Andreessen, is mandatory reading. Not because of his virtue but because of his dangerous messianism. The Manifesto begins by warning us about lies like: “We’re told to be angry, bitter and resentful of technology.” He responds to these lies with truths like this: “Technology is the glory of human ambition and achievement, the spearhead of progress and the realization of our potential.”»

Read here (only available in Portuguese) the opinion article by Arménio Rego, Full Professor and Director of Lead.Lab at Católica Porto Business School, published in Líder Magazine.

Católica Porto Business School_Arménio Rego