Ethics Forum wants to understand how generational diversity is seen in the workplace

Tuesday, September 5, 2023 - 20:15

As part of the annual study by the Ethics Forum of Católica Porto Business School (CPBS), the collection of responses to the survey on "Ethics and Generational Diversity at Work" is already underway until September 15th.

This survey aims to collect perceptions about generational diversity at work. This knowledge will support the identification of opportunities and the creation of guidelines that allow the work context to be a space of hospitality and inclusion for the different generations that inhabit it.

The first results will be presented on October 17th, at the Conference "Ethics and Generational Diversity at Work", organized by the Ethics Forum.

Helena Gonçalves, coordinator of the Ethics Forum, says “this is a topic that has special relevance in society, taking into account, for example, the increase in retirement age and that we are in the middle of the «Decade of Healthy Aging». The state of the art on this topic shows us that it is not uncommon for stereotypes, prejudice and discrimination to exist in relation to older people, but also in relation to younger people”.

The Ethics Forum at Católica Porto Business School is a meeting space that aims to promote business ethics, through the exchange of experiences, joint reflection and the creation and sharing of knowledge.