Double Degree in Business Analytics with Aston University

The Double Degree with Aston Business School, started in 2016 with the specialization in business analytics from the master degree in management and it reinforces our strategy of internationalization, innovation and excellence. Aston Business School like the Lancaster University Management School, is also a school of top management worldwide with triple accreditation and consistently integrates the
top 10 universities from UK. The double degree in Business Analytics with Aston University allows a student to obtain two master’s degrees in 2 years: one in Católica Porto Business School and another at Aston Business School.

When choosing the Master of Management in Porto, with specialization in Business Analytics students can access a second year at Aston University. As students make the first year in Porto they only have to do some selected courses in Aston and pay a reduced fee: 2/3 of the regular fee with a 10% discount.


First year: Students must attend courses and complete 60 ECTS of the Master in Management specialization in Business Analytics at Católica Porto Business School (CPBS) during the first year. This master works during Labour hours from Monday to Friday. The calendar with the scheduling of all classes is announced at the beginning of each semester.

Second year: Students will attend the curricular part of the Master in Business Analytics at the Aston Business School (but will be exempt from some subjects given the equivalence with some courses taken at CPBS) and complete their dissertation in the Aston Business School. The dissertation will be evaluated by the Católica Porto Business School and by the Aston Business School, following its own rules: the final score of the Aston Business School will be based exclusively on the dissertation. In contrast, the final score at the CPBS depends jointly on the dissertation and the respective public defence.

Fees and Scholarships 

1st year at Católica Porto Business School

  • Acceptance and enrolment fee. The fee will not be refunded in case students cancel their enrolment.
  • 1st-year at CPBS fees: Students will have to pay the fees related to the 60 ECTS of the curricular part (10 instalments)
  • 2nd-year fee: Students will be doing the dissertation at CPBS while at NEOMA Business School, so they will have to pay the fees related to the dissertation at CPBS (5 instalments)

2nd year at Aston Business School

Students in the double degree benefit from reduced fees at Aston
For 2022/23, the tuition fee for the CPBS students pursuing a Double Degree at Aston will be £12,750.


For the academic year 2022/23, students undertaking a Double Degree programme do not pay the 10th instalment fee of the 1st year at CPBS.

Students can also benefit from merit or social scholarships while attending the programme at CPBS. For more information, please consult the page of the Master's programme you are applying for.