Pedro Miguel Ramos Lima

Teaching Assistant

Generic Bio

Pedro Lima is a professor at Católica Porto Business School since 2014.

He has research interests in the area of international relations, namely regional integration (particularly EU integration), geopolitics and geostrategy, and in the area of management, such as business strategy, business diplomacy and entrepreneurship and innovation.

He has a degree in international relations from University of Minho and a masters in management from UCP, Porto, Portugal, with a thesis in the field of energy and mergers & acquisitions entitled "China 'Goes Global': foreign investment and mergers and acquisitions”.

Other research interests in social issues, particularly with regard to the dynamic of human rights and the new and emergent social movements driven by the proliferation of new technologies and social media.

Presently undertaking a PhD in Economic Analysis and Business Strategy at the International PhD School ‑ University of Santiago de Compostela, where his research is focused on the dynamics of business diplomacy.