Luís Francisco de Gouveia Durão Pina Rebelo

Assistant Professor

Generic Bio

Luís Pina Rebelo is a teacher at the Católica Porto Business School.

He has a PhD in Economics (with Distinction) obtained at the University of Porto, Faculty of Economics (FEP).

Research interests  and include topics in the field of Health Economics & Management such as Health and Sustainability, Health and Social Welfare, Public Health evaluation, , Health and Economic Growth, Health Econometrics and Strategic Management of Health.

He's also responsible for the course "Final Project ‑ Business Plan", having developed various projects in the Real Estate Sector, after asssuming for some years the position of Marketing Director, followed by General Manager for a Project Development and Management of Real Estate firm. 

He's also Chairman of the Supervisory Board/Audit Comitee of the "Associação Nacional de Jovens Empresários" (ANJE).


Abstracts from the 11th EAPC World Research Congress Online, 7th – 9th October 2020

Luís Francisco de Gouveia Durão Pina Rebelo (with Rebelo L.P.). 2020. Palliative Medicine

Assessing Health Endowment, Access and Choice Determinants: Impact on Retired Europeans’ (In)activity and Quality of Life

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