As in most Masters Programmes, classes run from Monday to Friday, from 16:00 to 20:30, and on Saturday from 9:00 to 13:00. The calendar which schedules all classes is announced to the students at the beginning of each semester.

In the case of courses taught by invited professors, a concentration of classes may occur in only a few days but with a more intensive schedule. In these circumstances, classes will be scheduled well in advance, allowing time to take the necessary measures.

Attendance Regimes
The Masters at the Católica Porto Business School has a single, but flexible attendance regime. The curriculum is designed so that the programme has a minimum of four semesters (two years). However, for students who wish to obtain a Masters degree while maintaining their professional activity, you can perform the Masters within a maximum of 5 semesters (two and a half years), which allows you to distribute the academic load over an extended thus conciliating the schedules and professional load with the Masters. The beginning and end of semesters are published annually in the academic calendar of the 2nd cycle of the Católica Porto Business School (see Academic Calendar).

Lectures of the Masters of the Católica Porto Business School take place at Católica Foz in Porto. 

Portuguese (18 ECTS credits taught in English)