Discover the best routes for 2024

Wednesday, November 29, 2023 - 19:03

2024 is coming. It's time to set new goals. Discover some of our executive programmes, which will open during the first semester next year.

There are many options from executive courses to postgraduate courses in Sustainability, Ethics, Entrepreneurship, Management, Taxation, Leadership, Marketing, and Corporate Banking. In October, we will also have the 20th edition of our MBA program.

In addition to open programmes, we have tailored and in-company training solutions to design the best solution for your business.

Talk to us. And discover the best route for your training. know more about some options below:

Ethics, Compliance and Whistleblowing | 16 hours
Postgraduate Programme in Healthcare Management | 226 hours
Postgraduate Programme in Fashion Management | 228 hours
Postgraduate Entrepreneurship & Business Development | 188 hours 
Banking for Companies Executive Course | 102 hours
Advanced Taxation | 120 hours

Globally Responsible Leadership for Sustainable Transformation | 48 hours
Chief Sustainability Officer | 80 hours
Intensive Leadership Programme | 23 hours
Project Management | 70 hours
Digital Transformation | 36 hours
Digital Marketing & Strategy Tool | 51 hours  
Sales Management | 99 hours

Social Leadership for Managers | 26 hours
Intensive Management Programme | 113 hours

Chief Ethics & Compliance Officer | 48 hours
Business Analytics | 34 hours
General Taxation | 40 hours

IN OCTOBER: 20th editon of EXECUTIVE MBA (700 hours)

To know more about all of our Executive Education programmes, click here.