Delivery of Diplomas to graduates in 2022/23: Católica in Porto celebrates the journey of more than 550 new graduates

Friday, November 10, 2023 - 12:38

“Católica gave me moments that I will cherish for the rest of my life”: one of the many shares shared by some of the more than 550 students who received their 22/23 degree completion diploma from Universidade Católica Portuguesa (UCP) in Porto. Happiness, fulfilment, and the spirit of mission accomplished filled the Ilídio Pinho Auditorium during the Blessing and Diploma Presentation Ceremony, a particularly memorable moment for the hundreds of recent graduates, family members and teachers.

“I congratulate you. You arrived at your port very well”, began by saying Isabel Capeloa Gil, dean of UCP. “I hope that they continue to advance and, in this way, create new worlds”, he added. The rector of UCP also recalled some of the messages left by Pope Francis during his visit to UCP, within the scope of World Youth Day 2023, and challenged the new graduates for responsibility and courage: “Responsibility implies the courage to transform, and it means being present where the change is happening.”

“The diploma we deliver today has a symbolic value. It marks the end of a journey of preparation for life”, said Isabel Braga da Cruz, pro-rector of the Universidade Católica Portuguesa, during her speech at the ceremony, congratulating the new graduates on their journey. He also stated that this moment recognizes “the commitment, dynamism and quality with which the Catholic University invests in training people – with a focus on future professional performance, but always seeking to strengthen the human side, as a good person and citizen, of each one.”

A diploma that “puts you at the service of humanity”

Isabel Braga da Cruz states, “The university renews itself in each academic cycle, and its affirmation is consolidated with the new graduates who complete their academic career and who now leave for other places and new professional challenges”.

The ceremony, which took place on November 8th and began with the traditional academic anthem, was marked by inspiring speeches and messages and by the presence of directors and teachers from all faculties: Católica Porto Business School, Escola das Artes, Escola Superior de Biotecnologia, Porto School, Faculty of Education and Psychology, Faculty of Theology and Faculty of Health Sciences and Nursing – Porto.

An environment of celebration and recognition that opens doors to “a new world of possibilities and opportunities, which with determination and commitment will allow you to grow, improve and make your dreams come true”, said Isabel Braga da Cruz.

Also, Dom Manuel Linda, bishop of the Diocese of Porto, congratulated all the graduates, stating, “I share in your joy and trust that each one of you will be an active part of the transformation of the world”. For Dom Manuel Linda, the diploma has “a strongly social dimension because it places you at the service of humanity.”

Now alumni of Universidade Católica

“We will be here as a rearguard or as a starting point for each new path that may be taken”, stated the pro-rector of the UCP, Isabel Braga da Cruz. During the ceremony, Nuno Brochado de Agarez, a Double Degree in Law and Management graduate, spoke on behalf of all the new graduates: “From now on, we are part of the alumni network, ready to serve our alma mater.”

During the ceremony, merit awards from faculties and partner institutions also took place: the Caixa Geral de Depósitos Awards (Escola Superior de Biotecnologia, Faculdade de Educação e Psicologia, Instituto de Ciências da Saúde – Porto, Escola do Porto of the Faculty of Law and Faculty of Theology), the D. Júlio Tavares Rebimbas Scholarship, the Fundação Amélia de Mello Prize, the S. Francisco de Assis Prize and the Comendador Arménio Miranda Prize. The Francisco Carvalho Guerra Merit Award was also awarded by the Faculty of Law of the Escola do Porto to the student with the best final average in the Law degree, and the Merit Award from the Escola Superior de Biotecnologia, awarded by the faculty to three students with the best final grade average.

Heading to new destinations, the more than 550 graduates in the 22/23 academic year did not hide their desire and enthusiasm to continue their journey and embrace other challenges. They are sure that “the diploma is not just the diploma" but “the culmination of a stage where the Universidade Católica in Porto was a home for us”. Students who completed their degree at the Catholic University in Porto have now become alumni of the University.