Cristina Trocin, CEGE Member publishes paper in the prestigious Information Systems Journal

Friday, May 24, 2024 - 13:01

Cristina Trocin, a researcher at CEGE (Research Centre in Management and Economics) and assistant teacher at Católica Porto Business School, recently published an article in the prestigious scientific journal Information Systems Journal. As part of her PhD, she conducted research on Electronic Health Records (EHR), resulting in the article "How do unintended consequences emerge from EHR implementation? An affordance perspective."  

Cristina Trocin, along with the co-authors Prof. Gwanhoo Lee, Prof. Roberta Bernardi, and Prof. Suprateek Sarker, aims to "explain how unintended consequences emerge from EHR implementation”. “Through a case study in Italy, and affordance-actualisation theory, our analysis theorizes the interactions among technology, psychosocial factors, and organisational constraints/enablers. We provide insights to manage unintended consequences while maximising their benefits."  

In addition, “(the study’s) findings contribute to the literature on unintended consequences and help organisations better manage implementing new systems." 

Read the full article here, published on Information Systems Journal.

Cristina Trocin

Author’s report: 

“From the beginning of my academic journey, I have been passioned about the transformative power of digital technologies in empowering both users and organizations to reach their goals. During my PhD studies, I focused on unpacking the multifaceted dynamics between technology and domain experts in healthcare organizations. I consider myself incredibly fortunate to have had the opportunity to investigate an Electronic Health Record (EHR) implementation in a northeastern Italian region right in the moment when this transformation started. Such a unique timing combined with exceptional access to the field through Consorzio Arsenàl.IT, provided me with invaluable insights into the intricate mechanisms through which healthcare services are developed, implemented, and delivered. 

Recently, my co-authors Professor Gwanhoo Lee, Professor Roberta Bernardi, Professor Suprateek Sarker and I had the privilege of publishing our research article titled "How do unintended consequences emerge from EHR implementation? An affordance perspective" in a leading 4 star journal: Information Systems Journal. I am thrilled to disseminate our findings within the research community, with which I feel a strong sense of connection, and to contribute to the collective knowledge of the field. I express my sincere gratitude to my co-authors for their excellent work, brilliant way of thinking, writing, their leadership, guidance, inspiration, constant kind and supportive words. There are not enough expressions to adequately convey the depth of gratitude I feel towards my co-authors.”