Double Degree with NEOMA Business School

This double degree allows the students to obtain two master’s degrees in two years while gaining academic experience abroad: one at Católica Porto Business School and one at NEOMA Business School. Entry in the double degree allows the choice, made by the student, of the Master programme they wish to take at Católica Porto Business School and NEOMA Business School. 

Four of the CPBS Masters programmes make part of the double degree:

  • Marketing
  • Business Economics
  • Management
  • Finance

At NEOMA Business School students may also opt from a choice of different specializations from the Master in Management:

  • International Marketing and Brand Management
  • Digital Expertise for Marketing
  • Wine & Gastronomy
  • International Business Development
  • Corporate Finance
  • Financial Markets and Technologies
  • International Project Development
  • Entrepreneurship and Innovation
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Global Management


First-year: Students must attend courses and complete 60 ECTS at Católica Porto Business School during the first year. The courses can be taught in Portuguese or English, but the school highly recommends choosing the English ones.

Second year: Students will attend the curricular part of the chosen Master at NEOMA Business School in a total of 56 ECTS (students will be exempt from some subjects given the equivalence with some courses taken in Portugal) and, at the same time, will be completing their dissertation at Católica Porto Business School.

The campus where students will follow their courses program at NEOMA Business School may differ according to their selected program. From the three potential campuses (Rouen, Reims and Paris), some programmes may be offered in more than one:

Fees and Scholarships

For Católica Porto Business School’s Students

At Católica Porto Business School

  • Acceptance and enrolment fee. The fee will not be refunded in case students cancel their enrolment.
  • 1st year at CPBS fees: Students will have to pay the fees related to the 60 ECTS of the curricular part (10 instalments)
  • 2nd year fee: Students will be doing the dissertation at CPBS while at NEOMA Business School, so they will have to pay the fees related to the dissertation at CPBS (5 instalments)

At NEOMA Business School

At NEOMA, students will not pay tuition fees. However, the student should ensure any expenses related to the cost of living in France (travel, accommodation, insurance, other fees unrelated to the tuition, etc.).

For NEOMA’s Students

At Católica Porto Business School

At Católica Porto Business School, NEOMA’s students will not pay tuition fees. However, the students should assure any expenses related to the cost of living in Porto (travel, accommodation, insurance, meals, etc.) and any other fees not related to the tuition.


For the academic year 2022/23, students undertaking a Double Degree programme do not pay the 10th instalment fee of the 1st year at CPBS.

Students can also benefit from merit or social scholarships while attending the programme at CPBS. For more information, please consult the page of the Master' programme you are applying for.