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Leadership of (social) Organizations | Arménio Rego e Raquel Campos Franco

Friday, May 24, 2024 - 15:18

«A recent event at Católica Porto Business School (CPBS), in partnership with Nova School of Business and Economics (Nova SBE), brought together professionals who, despite having experience in business management, dedicate part of their time to supporting organisations in the social sector. Some of the attendees were members of Advisory Boards for such organisations. The meeting was part of the course “Social Leadership for Managers,” taught at Nova SBE and Católica Porto Business School.

The session, titled “Challenges of Leadership in Social Organisations,” aimed at sharing experiences and collective learning. During the synthesis of the learnings, one participant made the following remark: “In the future, it shouldn’t be necessary to include the word ‘social’ in the title of the session.” From her perspective, leadership challenges are challenges … in organisations. Period! This comment encapsulates a fundamental learning: leaders of social organisations have much to learn from management and leadership professionals in businesses – but the latter also have much to learn from the former. How can we explain this journey of mutual learning?»

Read here the latest opinion piece by Arménio Rego and Raquel Campos Franco, professors at Católica Porto Business School (available in portuguese) at Líder Magazine.