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The Relationship Between Promoters and Suppliers: A Challenge for the Sustainability of Events | Tiago Matos Vital

Friday, May 24, 2024 - 14:56
Event Point

"The cultural and sports events industry is currently experiencing a period of tension, caused by the relationship between promoters, suppliers, and sponsors.

The climate of uncertainty is fuelled by issues related to how these parties interact, mainly due to financial pressures and the pursuit of profit maximisation by promoters, which may be undermining the necessary balance to maintain the sector's sustainability.

In this context, suppliers, who are the backbone of event infrastructure, feel increasingly pressured by disadvantageous contractual conditions, while sponsors face growing demands to support events that sometimes offer questionable quality. This internal conflict scenario requires a careful review of business practices to ensure that the industry can thrive in a fair and balanced manner."

Read here the latest opinion piece by Tiago Matos Vital, Professor at Católica Porto Business School, and Co-Director of the Advanced Programme in Event Management and Organisation.