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The praise of consequential inclusion | Arménio Rego

Wednesday, May 8, 2024 - 09:45
Líder Magazine

«"Diversity, equity, inclusion". "Social responsibility". "Management for sustainability". "ESG objectives". "Management with purpose". "Goals for sustainable development". While these fashionable expressions are spread far and wide, thousands and thousands of workers live in poverty. (...) At the same time, the country, governments, companies and their managers lament low productivity. It is argued that the condition for increasing wages is improving citizens' qualifications and increasing companies' competitiveness. As if competitiveness did not require the motivation and commitment of all organisation members. As if some were more equal than others.»

Read here (only available in Portuguese) the most recent opinion article by Arménio Rego, Full Professor and Director of Lead.Lab at Católica Porto Business School, published in Líder Magazine.

Católica Porto Business School_Arménio Rego