University of St. Joseph (USJ) and Católica Porto Business School (CPBS) partner up for Neuromarketing Research

Wednesday, March 15, 2023 - 15:18

University of St. Joseph (USJ), in Macau, established its Laboratory of Applied Neurosciences (LAN) in early March. The person behind this project is Alexandre Lobo Marques, a CPBS Post-Doc student who will extend research in Neuromarketing to Católica Porto Business School through his partnership with Professor Susana Costa e Silva. 

The collaboration between LAN and S.Lab (CPBS) was officially set by the agreement signed by Prof. Jenny Lao-Philips, dean of the School of Business & Law, and Prof. Rui Sousa, CPBS’s dean. This agreement aims to create an extension of the services provided in Macau by conducting experiments to understand the human being cognitive and emotional system, especially in his consumer profile. In addition, it will also help to promote basic and applied research in different fields, including marketing, economics, education, and leadership.

Through the equipment of neurosciences, researchers Alexandre Lobo and Susana Costa e Silva have ongoing research in marketing and consumer behaviour, using equipment such as Facial Expression Recognition & Emotions Classification; EDA/GSR - Galvanic Skin Response Devices & Software; HRV - Heart Rate Variability; Neurodata Smart Analytics & Multiple Webcam Eye Tracking Solutions and Eye Tracking Glasses.

The news about the LAN official opening can be found here.