The Impact of CEGEA in the Field of Competition and Regulation

Friday, May 31, 2024 - 10:53

CEGEA is an applied research centre at Católica Porto Business School, focusing on the fields of Economics and Management, and has seen collaboration from numerous faculty members. 

Since its foundation in 1991, Competition and Regulation have been key areas of focus for CEGEA. This domain encompasses work related to the activities of entities that regulate the functioning of specific markets, such as ANACOM (Autoridade Nacional de Comunicações), ERSE (Entidade Reguladora dos Serviços Energéticos) and ERSAR (Entidade Reguladora dos Serviços de Águas e Resíduos), or those that ensure compliance with Competition Law (Autoridade da Concorrência). These projects are typically commissioned by the regulatory entities themselves or by companies interacting with them. 

For instance, in recent years, Professor Ricardo Gonçalves coordinated the study 'Competitive Impact Assessments in Portugal – Transport and Liberal Professions Sectors' conducted for the Competition Authority and the OECD. Additionally, a team led by Professor João Pinto advised ERSAR on the financial evaluation of concession contracts. Projects carried out for companies have varied widely: merger and acquisition processes (CEGEA has advised, for example, APED and the multinational MSC group), restrictive practices proceedings (CEGEA has worked with companies like Super Bock), and private enforcement cases under Directive 2014/104/EU (CEGEA has worked with companies such as Parque Escolar and Volvo/Renault). 

CEGEA has also conducted comprehensive evaluation studies in this field of Competition and Regulation, notably the study "The Regulatory State in Portugal – Evolution and Performance" prepared for the Francisco Manuel dos Santos Foundation by a team led by Professor Ana Lourenço

In addition to those mentioned above, these projects have involved professors such as Filipa Mota, Joana Pinho, João Novais, Mariana Cunha, Ricardo Ribeiro, and Vasco Rodrigues. The work undertaken by CEGEA in the field of Competition and Regulation underscores the significance of the research conducted at Católica Porto Business School, with tangible and substantial impacts on judicial, regulatory, and legislative decisions that shape key economic sectors.