Best Theoretical Insights Paper Award: Professor Arménio Rego was honoured with international award

Monday, October 9, 2023 - 12:14

Arménio Rego, Full Professor at Católica Porto Business School, is co-author of the scientific article that won the award (Best Theoretical Insights Paper) during the 7th International Conference of the Africa Research Group, which took place in Kigali (Rwanda), under the theme "Contemporary developments in the management of organisations in Africa: tapping into indigenous knowledge and developing viable partnerships."

The winning article - Authenticity as paradox in liminal consumption: The case of Ricky's Café, Casablanca - was co-written with Diórgenes Mamédio, Professor and Executive MBA Program Manager at Rabat Business School, Miguel Pina e Cunha, Professor at Nova SBE, and Stewart Clegg, Professor at the University of Sydney, visiting professor at several universities, and one of the most cited authors in the field of organisational studies.

In this article, the authors use the emblematic case of Rick's Café from the film Casablanca to problematise the paradoxes of authenticity in liminality. Through an inductive approach, this study aims to answer the question: "What makes a 'fake' apparently 'authentic'?"

Founded in 2012 at Nottingham University Business School, the Africa Research Group is an international and interdisciplinary community of scholars interested in furthering the understanding of the management, organisational, socio-economic, investment, innovation and entrepreneurial issues relevant to African countries. The community regularly organises an international conference, the next of which will occur in Portugal at Nova SBE.

Arménio Rego is also the head of CPBS's LEAD.lab, author or co-author of five dozen books in the areas of leadership and people management and of several nationally and internationally awarded research papers published in journals such as Human Relations, International Journal of Human Resource Management, Journal of Occupational Health Psychology, among others.