Program Description

The programme is organised in a common core in the 1st semester. In the 2nd semester the student can choose the Generic Area, or one of the 3 specific fields of management available:

  • Business Analytics
  • Service Management
  • Management Control.

Career impact

Students of the MSc in Management have been achieving placement in major national and international organisations, but also in small companies, typical of the northern Portugal industry. This placement, broad in scope, can now be enhanced by the various specialisations offered in the MSc.

Service Management promotes career opportunities in classical organisations providing services as well as in industrial companies with relevant service components.

Specialisation in Business Analytics promotes career opportunities for emerging functions of 'business analyst' or 'data scientist', that have been the subject of growing demand.

Specialisation in Management Control promotes career opportunities in prominent positions in the planning process, monitoring and strategy implementation (for example, controller or financial management).





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