Applied Research Centers


LEAD.Lab, a leadership knowledge center housed at Católica Porto Business School, sees leadership as a process involving leaders and followers who interact in a given situation. We believe that team and organizational performance emerges from such an interactive process. LEAD.Lab’s mission is to contribute to a more humane, virtuous and effective leadership. We aim to generate and transfer knowledge according to a two-way process: knowledge emerging from research carried out in organizations is transferred to them.

LEAD.Lab has created a 360º tool, called “My Leadership – 360º”, for leadership development (details here). “My leadership – 360º” includes five domains (1) Motivations to lead; (2) Personal strengths; (3) Relational strengths; (4) Balance strengths; (5) Effectiveness as a team leader. The tool allows comparing the leader’s self-image with his/her image as portrayed by his/her observers. Through this comparison, the leader may identify strengths and domains in which s/he may improve regarding his/her relationships with others and his/her impact (actual or potential) on the team.

LEAD.Lab also carries out customized team/organizational climate surveys.


O S.Lab – Service Management Lab – é um centro de competências da Católica Porto S.Lab – Service Management Lab – is a cutting-edge research centre of the
Católica Porto Business School. The objective of S.Lab is to produce and transfer knowledge for increasing the productivity, quality and innovation in service-related industries and tasks.

Working in close cooperation with companies, S.Lab develops research projects focused on real-world problems in several areas of Service Management: Digital Economy, New Service Design and Customer Experience, Service Process Improvement, Benchmarking and Performance Measurement, Servitization and Demand Forecasting and Optimization.


INSURE.hub is an initiative whose main objective is to create a vibrant international ecosystem of transdisciplinary knowledge that promotes business solutions with a circular, sustainable and regenerative scope, powered by disruptive technologies. It results from the mobilization of Universidade Católica Portuguesa, in Porto, through its Schools - Católica Porto Business School and Faculty of Biotechnology - and of Planetiers New Generation, along with a set of national and international entities that constitute themselves as thought leaders and agents of Transformation for Sustainability and Regeneration.

INSURE.hub aims to promote circular, sustainable and regenerative business solutions, powered by disruptive innovation & technologies.