"Threads of Change: uncovering the environmental impact of fashion" under discussion on November 6

Thursday, October 26, 2023 - 12:24

The conference "Threads of Change: uncovering the environmental impact of fashion", organised by the Ethics, Economy and Society Group of the Católica Porto Business School, will occur on November 6th at 2:30 pm in the Carvalho Guerra Auditorium.

The excessive production and consumption of fast fashion is a significant environmental threat. Therefore, this conference aims to present the topic and promote joint reflection that allows changing behaviours and thinking about possible solutions to this problem.

Thereby, the documentary “Segunda Pele”, which portrays the textile industry’s environmental impact, will be shown. Ultimately, the director, journalist Tânia Paiva, will discuss the documentary with the audience. You can watch the trailer here (only in portuguese). 

The Ethics, Economy and Society Group at Católica Porto Business School aims to promote critical and informed reflection on topics with social relevance in economics and ethics in constant collaboration with other areas of social and human sciences. The group comprises a community of teachers from Economics and Management courses and has a vast network of academic, institutional and civil society partners.

In addition, the CPBS Sociology team - Isabel Guimarães, Sandra Lima Coelho and Cláudia Amador - has been working with students on projects that aim to contribute to achieving the UN's Sustainable Development Goals. The conference "Threads of Change: Uncovering the environmental impact of fashion" is also part of the activities promoted within the European Sustainable Development Week scope.

Admission is free but subject to registration.