Financial Times highlights the international sustainability programme featuring the participation of Católica Porto Business School

Monday, January 22, 2024 - 14:30

The Globally Responsible Leadership for Sustainable Transformation is an international postgraduate programme from the GRLI initiative - The Globally Responsible Leadership Initiative, which received recognition from the Financial Times as part of the Responsible Business Education Awards.

Professors from seven GRLI universities in Asia, Europe, and North America teach this innovative and collaborative programme. In Portugal, Católica Porto Business School is GRLI’s associated partner in this programme and is responsible for the module dedicated to intersectoral partnerships and their positive impacts.

The Globally Responsible Leadership for Sustainable Transformation is part of the executive education offered at Católica Porto Business School. This international programme was highlighted by the Financial Times as “highly recommended” in the category of “Best responsible teaching resources: innovative materials with a financial sustainability focus.”

For Raquel Campos Franco, professor and coordinator of the programme at Católica Porto Business School, “the course is not only an excellent opportunity to learn about the most recent topics related to sustainability in sessions promoted by several international business schools, but it also allows for close contact with participants from various geographies, greatly enriching the experience with different realities, practices and ways of thinking.”

Alexandra Leitão, professor and associate dean for Global Education at Católica Porto Business School, adds, “It is worth highlighting the international collaborative nature associated with this course, not only in terms of programme design and articulation of content but also in terms of work between participants for the development of a concrete project associated with a sector and company.”

Focusing on sustainability initiatives, the “Globally Responsible Leadership for Sustainable Transformation” programme comprises several modules that allow students worldwide to work in integrated groups on strategic business projects. Teresa Bianchi de Aguiar, one of the national participants, also highlights some aspects of this programme. See which ones:


Católica Porto Business School is recognised for the comprehensive development of professionals for a sustainable and global society. It has long been developing multiple initiatives, scientific programmes, executive courses, investigations, and reflections on Sustainability and Responsible Development. Examples of this are InSuRe.hub, the Postgraduate Programme in Sustainability and Regeneration, several executive courses in the area of ethics and sustainability, and the inclusion of two optional subjects, SDG – Sustainable Development Goals for bachelor’s and master’s students, among many others.

The next edition of the Globally Responsible Leadership for Sustainable Transformation programme starts in February 2024. Find out more here.

About GRLI - The Globally Responsible Leadership Initiative, find out more here.