Financial Intermediation and Sustainable Transition under discussion at Católica Porto Business School

Friday, May 24, 2024 - 15:56

João Cabral dos Santos, from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, and Carlos Eduardo Martins, from the European Stability Mechanism (ESM), were at Católica Porto Business School as part of the INSURE.hub. The conference, "Financial Intermediation and Sustainable Transition," took place today, May 24th, at the campus of Universidade Católica Portuguesa in Porto. 

João Cabral dos Santos is the Financial Intermediation Policy Research division director at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. In this session, he addressed the business opportunities and new risks for the financial system in general and for banks in particular, resulting from global warming and the need to ensure a transition to a greener economy.  

Carlos Martins, from the European Stability Mechanism (ESM), spoke, among other topics, about European regulation as a tool to attract investors and unlock sustainable financing, particularly to achieve the European Union's climate goals.  

Paulo Alves, Vice-Dean of Católica Porto Business School, also emphasized the importance of discussing sustainability-related financial issues, bringing together the business and academic community from various areas and sectors. João Pinto, Dean of Católica Porto Business School and co-leader of INSURE.hub, reinforces this message: "During these three years of INSURE.hub's activity, we have promoted a dynamic approach bringing the business and associative sectors closer to the academic sector, with cooperation and the creation of networks of mutual learning as the backdrop. 

The conference was an exclusive initiative for the more than 75 public and private entities that are part of the INSURE.hub Club, faculty, researchers, students, and alumni from different master's and executive education programs in the area of Sustainability and Regeneration.  

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INSURE.hub is a knowledge transfer center resulting from the mobilization of Universidade Católica Portuguesa, in Porto, through two of its faculties - Católica Porto Business School and Escola Superior de Biotecnologia - and Planetiers New Generation. An innovation and management space from a circular perspective, with the goal of full sustainability (net-zero) and/or regeneration (positive pursuits), anticipating the future and adapting to global environmental challenges. There are already 75 national and international partners of reference in terms of knowledge and application experience. The INSURE Club's main objective is to allow its partners to create bonds of learning and cooperation. Coming from different areas, all agreed to collaborate with a view to full sustainability and/or regeneration, anticipating the future, adapting to global environmental challenges, and promoting alignment with regulatory requirements.