“Ethics in Business: An Ontological Perspective” is the new book by Conceição Soares

Thursday, October 19, 2023 - 10:08

“Ethics in Business: An Ontological Perspective” is the new book by Conceição Soares, professor at Católica Porto Business School, and will be presented on 21st October at SOHO CLUB in Lisbon. The presentation is opened by José Amado da Silva, PhD from Universidade Católica Portuguesa and Rector of Universidade Autónoma de Lisboa.

In addition to Lisbon, the new book will also be presented at the Faculty of Economics of Coimbra on 13th November and at Católica Porto Business School on 22nd November.

As mentioned by the author in the introduction, “Studies and manuals on ethics in companies have as their starting point an anthropocentric view of reality (…) The hypothesis that I will develop throughout this work is that an anthropocentric view of reality does not give us can put us on the path to inhabiting the Earth, more fraternal and more interactive between us and with all beings. The starting point will not be anthropology but ontology. An ontology that feeds on the experience and relational coexistence between all beings who share the commonality of Being and feed on it. To achieve this, it is not enough for ethics in the company to have normative requirements or to be crystallised in codes of ethics; it is necessary to be able to make the company a lively work environment (…).”

Conceição Soares is a professor at Católica Porto Business School, with research interests and publications in  ​​Applied Ethics, an area in which she has extensive national and international academic experience. She also has a PhD in Philosophy from the Institute for Environment, Philosophy and Public Policy, Lancaster University (UK) in  ​​Applied Ethics and a Masters in Contemporary Philosophy from the Faculty of Arts of Lisbon.

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