Católica Porto Business School once again opened its doors to secondary school students

Monday, May 27, 2024 - 14:26

On 21st May, Católica Porto Business School welcomed parents and secondary school students for the 2nd Open Day of the undergraduate programmes. The session, which was also broadcast via Zoom, began at 6:30 pm and had over 120 participants.

Helena Correia, Director for Undergraduate Programmes, opened the session by introducing Católica Porto Business School, highlighting its international recognition and prestigious “Triple Crown” accreditation. Helena Correia also presented the undergraduate programmes in Economics and Management, as well as the available extracurricular activities, Merit Scholarships, and Excellence Awards that the School offers students.

The Director for Internationalisation, Alexandra Leitão, positioned Católica Porto Business School on the international stage and showcased the mobility and internationalisation opportunities available to Católica Porto Business School students.

The presentation and responses to questions regarding the Double Degree in Law and Management were handled by Luísa Anacoreta, Coordinator of the Double Degree in Law and Management.

The application process and all related queries, such as required documents, deadlines, and more, were clarified by Marta Sofia Campos, representing the Academic Services of Católica Porto Business School.

Joana Marques represented the Career and Development Office, and explained their mission. This service is committed, among others, to the personal and professional development of Católica Porto Business School students and their integration into the job market. Additionally, this office is responsible for bridging the gap between academia and the business world.

Students Rita Rego, in her 2nd year of the Economics degree, Inês Rodrigues,  in her 4th year of the Double Degree in Law and Management, and Henrique Moreira, an alumnus of the Management degree, shared their experiences at Católica Porto Business School and offered some advice to prospective university students attending the session.

To conclude the 2nd Open Day, attendees had the opportunity to tour the Campus of Universidade Católica in Porto.

The 1st application phase for undergraduate programmes at Católica Porto Business School starts on 3rd June. Find all the information regarding the application process via the link: 

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