Católica Porto Business School hosts five Summer Schools

Friday, April 26, 2024 - 17:29

Católica Porto Business School is ready to host five Summer Schools during June and July - Structural Equation Modelling, New Marketing Trends, Deep Tech & Business Case, Python Porto Summer School and Data Analytics with KNIME: A hands-on approach Summer School.

These short-term international programs offer students an opportunity to deepen their knowledge in specific areas and explore new perspectives, allowing them a broader, global vision and cultural enrichment through interaction with participants from different backgrounds. 

The Structural Equation Modeling Summer School starts on 25th June. The New Marketing Trends Summer School and the Deep Tech & Business Case Summer School begin on 8th July. The Python Porto Summer School and Data Analytics with KNIME: A hands-on approach Summer School start on 22nd July and 29th July, respectively.

Structural Equation Modelling Summer School: this programme aims to provide a greater understanding of structural equation models and their application options. SEM is a powerful analytical tool within the social sciences that overcomes the limitations of some traditional methods.

New Marketing Trends Summer School: promises to train participants on the latest market and consumer trends so that they can respond effectively to economic, social, technological, environmental or cultural developments that constantly mark business reality.

Deep Tech & Business Case Summer School: is committed to enabling participants to better understand topics at the forefront of technology and business strategy through practical training integrated into market reality.

Python Porto Summer School: the main objective of this training is to provide participants with basic Python skills, which can be applied in Finance, through a practical approach that involves solving exercises and case studies.

Data Analytics with KNIME: A hands-on approach Summer School: aims to deepen participants' knowledge about analytics fundamentals with a practical approach by solving case studies and using the KNIME Analytics platform. The main objective of this training is to train participants to use KNIME proficiently and build a data-driven decision-making process.

Each programme is taught by professors and industry experts, providing participants with an enriching and interactive learning experience, as well as the opportunity to build professional relationships and expand their networking.

Applications for Summer Schools are open until 30th April. Find out more here.

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