Católica Porto Business School extends Summer School’s application dates

Tuesday, May 28, 2024 - 14:33

The application deadline for the Summer Schools in Deep Tech & Business Case, New Marketing Trends, and Python Porto Summer School has been extended to 14 June. The enrolment deadline is now 21 June.

These short-term international programmes, designed to reflect the latest developments in their respective fields, provide a unique opportunity to enhance skills and deepen knowledge. Additionally, they allow participants to explore new perspectives, giving them a broader and more global vision. Participants also experience cultural enrichment through interaction with participants from diverse backgrounds.

The New Marketing Trends Summer School and the Deep Tech & Business Case Summer School start on 8 July and end on 19 July. The Python Porto Summer School begins on 22 July and concludes on 26 July.

Explore our Summer Schools:

New Marketing Trends Summer School: Aims to train participants in the latest market and consumer trends, enabling them to respond effectively to the economic, social, technological, environmental, or cultural developments that constantly shape the business reality.

Deep Tech & Business Case Summer School: Provides practical training integrated with market realities, committed to equipping participants with a deeper understanding of topics at the forefront of technology and business strategy.

Python Porto Summer School: Aims to provide participants with basic Python skills applicable to Finance, through a practical approach that includes solving exercises and case studies.

Each of these programmes is taught by professors and industry experts, offering participants an enriching and interactive learning experience and the opportunity to build professional relationships and expand their networking.

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