Católica Porto Business School brings together final year students, faculty and staff at Chill Sunset

Wednesday, June 5, 2024 - 16:38

Last Monday, June 3rd, Católica Porto Business School welcomed third-year undergraduate students for a final presentation session on the Final Project subject. This session included a sunset dedicated to celebrating the end of this academic journey

On this date, the students presented their final work to a panel of external judges from 31 companies and internal judges, professors from Católica Porto Business School. The presentation sessions of the Final Project discipline are the culmination of the work carried out over a semester and can take three forms: Final Project Business Plan, in which students present the business plans developed; in the case of the Final Internship Project, students carry out a demonstration of skills, based on the summer internship experience they had; In the Management and Economics Final Project, students analyse a company/organization of their choice and, at the end, present their report, justifying and substantiating their choices.  

This moment represents a specialisation in business reality, through which students can receive personalized feedback regarding their performance.

It is also one of several initiatives demonstrating the innovative teaching that differentiates Católica Porto Business School and promotes the connection between academia and the job market. 


At the end of the afternoon of presentations, students, teachers and staff could mingle and celebrate the end of one of the most memorable cycles in the lives of students at Chill Sunset. The event featured a speech by João Pinto, Dean of Católica Porto Business School and Helena Correia, Associate Dean for Udergraduate programs. "I am grateful for all the trust placed in us over the last few years. And the door is and will always be open, whether through the support and advice provided by our services or through the close relationship that our teachers, researchers and collaborators so privilege and that we insist on maintaining", said João Pinto. 


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