Católica Porto Business School begins new edition of the Intensive Management Programme

Tuesday, November 14, 2023 - 17:16

There have now been 27 editions of one of Católica Porto Business School's (CPBS) most renowned executive training programmes. The Intensive Management Programme is a highly sought-after course due to its wide-ranging programme content, with two editions a year. One of its main objectives is to develop the knowledge of economics and management of those who have no academic training in the area.


There were around 30 students present at the start of the programme. For its director and CPBS lecturer, Ricardo Morais, "this is a four-month programme that will give participants a 360-degree view of their organisation and its strategy in an increasingly competitive and digital context".


The focus of the Intensive Management Programme is to complement the training of its students. "It's very important to combine your formation with good practices in Accounting, Finance, Strategy, Marketing, People Management, Operations Management, Management Control, Business Law and Design Thinking," emphasises Ricardo Morais.


In addition to the entire design of the course, its director also concludes that "the opportunity to meet colleagues from the same or different sectors of activity, as well as the CPBS teaching staff, is equally important", creating a network of contacts that is then very useful in applying the knowledge acquired.

The 28th edition is scheduled to begin in April 2024, with a total of 113 hours of training. You can find out more about the programme here.

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