Católica Porto Business School and BBDouro announce strengthened collaboration

Wednesday, June 19, 2024 - 14:37

Católica Porto Business School and BBDouro have deepened their longstanding partnership by including the Porto-based nautical company in the School's Corporate Club. Alongside this new visibility within the entire internal community, BBDouro is also a new partner of INSURE.hub due to its constant commitment to sustainability in its business practices.

Isabel Braga da Cruz, pro-rector of the Porto Regional Centre of the Universidade Católica Portuguesa, João Pinto, Director of Católica Porto Business School, and Diogo Barros and the CEO of BBDouro attended the signing of the new protocol. According to João Pinto, “This moment has a dual significance: it marks the increase in the number of companies that are part of our corporate core, with whom we maintain excellent relationships, and it reinforces our capacity to positively impact society through the promotion of sustainability and regeneration principles.”

Diogo Barros highlighted the importance and relevance of strengthening the connection with an institution as prestigious as Católica Porto Business School, continuing to contribute to the team-building aspects of the School's many programmes through tailor-made nautical sessions. The BBDouro CEO also mentioned the prestige of joining INSURE.hub while recognising the efforts made in initiatives such as beach cleaning programmes, where his company has already collected over 120 kg of rubbish.

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