About Research in Católica Porto Business School

Research at Católica Porto Business School is composed of several structures that run in parallel and are interconnected.

Research Católica Porto Business School Image

Fundamental Research is carried out by CEGE (the Research Centre in Management and Economics) since 2003. CEGE’s mission is to contribute to the advancement of knowledge in economics and management, promote a culture of excellence in research, produce research that impacts society and policy making, and disseminate its research results to the scientific community and society in general.

Research at CEGE is intertwined with the strategic goals of Católica Porto Business School of global education, as well as business interrelations. That is why CEGE produces research generally in connection with researchers from international schools, focuses on international and well-recognised outlets for its research, and bridges with three knowledge transfer centres primarily focused on practice-oriented research:

  • S.Lab (Service Management Lab)
  • LEAD.Lab (Leadership Lab)
  • INSURE.Hub (INnovation in SUstainability and REgeneration Hub)

These knowledge transfer centres develop applied research in close cooperation with the business community and non-profit organisations.

Fundamental research at CEGE is also linked with the consultancy activities undertaken by CEGEA (Consulting Unit in Management and Applied Economics). CEGEA was founded in 1991 and combines research capacity and academic independence with a consulting firm's attention to customer characteristics. CEGEA has a well-known and well-established relationship with local and international businesses and organisations. Integrated into CEGEA, we have  an Ethics Forum, a reflection centre mainly focused on organisational ethics.

The linkages between these two extremes in a research continuum are evident: Fundamental research feeds consultancy and consultancy provides data and use cases that can be transformed in research outputs. Our knowledge transfer centres lie somewhere in the middle of this continuum and therefore they are our structures to perform Practice-oriented research.