S.Lab – Service Management Lab – is a cutting-edge research centre of Católica Porto Business School. The objective of S.Lab is to produce and transfer knowledge for increasing productivity, quality and innovation in service-related industries and tasks.

Working in close cooperation with companies, S.Lab develops research projects focused on real-world problems in several areas of Service Management.

Mission and objectives

One of the major challenges faced by developing economies in the next few decades is to increase the efficiency, quality and innovation of their service delivery activities. The goal is to match the great development in best practices and performance that has taken place in the manufacturing sector.

The Service Management Lab (S.Lab) is a cutting-edge research centre of Católica Porto Business School whose purpose is to produce and transfer knowledge to increase the productivity, quality and innovation of service-related industries and service-related tasks. S.Lab works closely with the business world to develop projects and research that address concrete problems through a rigorous, independent and multidisciplinary scientific approach. S.Lab works not only with traditional service providers (retail, distribution, healthcare services, financial services, insurance, consulting, government services, communication, transportation, contact centres, etc.), but also manufacturing firms with a relevant service-delivery component.


S.Lab relies on a resident team of experts from Católica Porto Business School. To meet the specific requirements of each project, S.Lab brings together multidisciplinary teams with the necessary skills drawing on the resident faculty, the School’s faculty at large and students (particularly Master’s degree students). External researchers and international experts can be co-opted using the extensive network of S.Lab in the best international business schools.

The S.Lab team has extensive national and international experience in different sectors, in particular retail (SONAE and Jerónimo Martins), telecommunications (Optimus), banking (BES and BCP), transportation (TAP, Portugália and STCP), utilities (EDP and water companies from the UK), public administration (French and Portuguese Ministries of Finance), tourism (Douro Azul) and manufacturing (Rank Xerox, Siemens and ADIRA).

S.Lab Members 

Rui Soucasaux Sousa

S.Lab Director, Full Professor
Aydin Teymourifar Researcher
António Andrade  Associate Professor 
Carla Martins  Teaching Assistant
Conceição Silva Full Professor 
Cristina Trocin  Assistant Professor
Helena Correia  Assistant Professor

João Alexandre Lobo Marques

Visiting Researcher
Jorge Julião Assistant Professor
Leonardo Corbo Invited Associate Professor
Luís Marques  Invieted Assistant Professor
Maher Elmashhara Researcher 
Ricardo Morais

Assistant Professor

Ricardo Ribeiro Assistant Professor
Rita Ribeiro  Assistant Professor
Paulo Alves Associate Professor 
Sofia Salgado Pinto Assistant Professor 
Susana Costa e Silva Associate Professor

S.Lab Partners 

SLab partner Cat\u00f3lica Porto Business School_Int Edge   Slab partner Cat\u00f3lica Porto Business School Schmit   Univ Saint Jose LAN_Cat\u00f3lica Porto Business School SLab

S.Lab invites a selected group of business partners to collaborate in its activities. There are two standard formats of partnership, each associated with a diverse range of benefits. In addition, S.Lab can offer customised formats tailored to the interests of individual partners.

Standard partnership formats:

  1. Strategic Partners: They form a core group of firms that share challenges in the service management field. These partners have the highest degree of interaction with S.Lab’s experts, students and other business leaders. They are the major beneficiaries of the research centre’s findings thereby maintaining a close relationship with the activity of the Católica Porto Business School as a whole.
  2. Associate Partner: Associated Partners are firms who wish to keep informed about the Centre’s research results and benefit from the opportunity to participate in events selected by the Centre.

Partners may enjoy the following benefits:

  1. Strategic Partners are part of S.Lab’s Advisory Board and shape the centre’s strategy and activities, such as the inclusion of new fields of study and the design of education programmes and courses to meet market needs. They also benefit from preferential conditions with regard to the training programs provided by Católica Porto Business School and to the contracting of projects that fit S.Lab’s mission.
  2. Participation in Roundtables, a gathering place for Partner’s managers, S.Lab Faculty and guests from outside organisations. Each Roundtable is devoted to a specific topic and may involve a short presentation on a topic or challenge (made by an S.Lab member, scholars from other national and international organisations, a business leader or an S.Lab partner firm) by a debate.
  3. Regular Research Digests, summarising the new knowledge produced internationally in the Service Management field (articles, reports, etc.) relevant to the business.
  4. Invitations to selected seminars and workshops led by national and international experts.
  5. Participation in networking events with other firms, senior executives and high-profile academics in the service sector.
  6. Customised service in the recruitment and selection of students and graduates from Católica Porto Business School.

Please contact us for more details on how to become a partner of S.Lab