Susana Cristina Lima da Costa e Silva

Associate Professor

Generic Bio

Ph.D. in Marketing (University College de Dublin, Ireland), MSc in Economics (Faculty of Economics University Porto). BA in Management (Catholic University of Portugal).

Associate professor at Catolica Porto Business School. Director of the MSc in Management since 2018. Director of the MSc. in Marketing at Catolica Porto Business School (2007/2018 and 2917/present) and Researcher at CEGE. Director of the Marketing Department (2007/2014).

Author of Modelos de Adoção de Tecnologia (2022), of the collection of books The Business Case Road Map (2018 &2019), The Career Case Roadmap (2020), Portuguese in Macao (2019), Marketing Internacional (2018) and Internacionalização e Redes de Empresas (2003). She is also the co‑author of other books and author of several book chapters published in Portugal, UK, USA, and Brazil.

She has publications in journals such as IBR, IMR, JBR, JRCS, IJRDM, JBIM, TIBR, EJIM, IJoEM, IRPNPM, etc. Among her 100 publications, 70 are in ABS or Scopus journals. She has 17 book chapters and 11 books written.

 Susana is a consultant in Marketing. She was affiliated with European International Business Academy, where she was National Representative for Portugal for two terms (2013/2019). She has been a national Representative at European Marketing Conference (EMAC) since 2019.

Susana was visiting researcher at the University of Economics of Wroclaw (Poland) in 2018/2019.

 She is also visiting professor at the University of Saint Joseph (Macao, China) since 2013. She has been teaching at universities in Europe and Brazil. 

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