Fees and Funding (academic year 2023-24)_Masters


  UCP Undergraduates Other candidates
Submitting the application Free 50 €

Acceptance and enrolment in the Masters

690 €
The fee will not be refunded in case students cancel their enrolment.

Masters 1st-year fees* 2nd-year**
Auditing & Taxation 10 instalments of 595,50 € 5 instalments of 714,60 €
Business Economics  10 instalments of 595,50 € 5 instalments of 714,60 €
Finance 10 instalments of 595,50 € 5 instalments of 714,60 €
Management 10 instalments of 595,50 € 5 instalments of 714,60 €
Marketing 10 instalments of 595,50 € 5 instalments of 714,60 €
Human Resources Management 10 instalments of 595,50 € 10 instalments of 595,50 €

* 1st-year fees - Curricular part: 60 ECTS

2nd y2nd-year - Dissertation, project or internship: 36 ECTS or 60 ECTS (Human Resources Management)

Merit Scholarships

The Board of the Católica Porto Business School decided to create a set of Scholarships for the purpose of rewarding the merit of the students whose academic performance deserves it. These consist in total exemption from tuition fees up to a maximum of 36 ECTS per semester and also from the enrolment and tuition fees.
Candidates are eligible for scholarship if they have an enrolment average of at least 16,0 points from a Portuguese University or a GMAT score of at least 650 points.
The merit scholarships can be renewed each semester. The eligibility criteria for the award of scholarship in the 2nd and 3rd semester master are:

  • Completion of a minimum of 30 ECTS per semester with no failures in the normal or resit assessment period.
  • Weighted average of the marks obtained in all the subjects concluded in the previous semester to the award of the scholarship equal to or greater than 16.0 values.

Students who complete the degree in a foreign higher education institution will only be eligible for scholarship award if they present a GMAT with a score of at least 650 points.

Social Scholarships

There are Social Scholarships to support the payment of fees: Scholarships from the Higher Education General Directorate and Social Scholarships of the Catholic University of Portugal.

For further information you can visit the Area of Students and Employability (ee.bolsas@ucp.pt; 22 619 62 26).

DGES Merit Scholarships

They are awarded by Public and Private Higher Education establishments to students with exceptional performance, regardless of their income, following the Regulations for the Award of Merit Scholarships to Students from Higher Education Institutions.

Scholarships for International Students

Católica Porto Business School annually grants 10 scholarships to applicants coming from other countries, who have a non-Portuguese nationality and do not live in Portugal. The amount of the scholarship covers all the tuition fees of the Master's Programme, according to the fees established in the Table of Fees of Universidade Católica Portuguesa (UCP) in force, in each academic year. The scholarship award criteria are: an interview and the Master's application score.

Social Support

Other Support