Applications to the Masters

To apply, please contact Admission Office (| 939 450 000 or 939 450 012). 

Graduates from different scientific areas can apply to the Masters of the Católica Porto Business School.

The application process to the Masters of the Católica Porto Business School must contain elements that provide evidence of the academic and scientific competence of the candidates, as well as the command of the English language. The GMAT test is valued in the selection process to assess the academic and scientific skills

Applicants will be selected based on the following criteria:

    - Academic and scientific curriculum
    - Degree classification
    - Professional experience or research

English language competence requirement

Proof of this requirement is made through an official level B2 diploma of The Council of Europe’s Common European Framework of References for Languages, or equivalent.

Admitted students who do not meet the English language proficiency requirement have access to a diagnostic test available at the Católica Porto Business School in the respective application stage.

The English diagnostic test is an examination equivalent to level B2 of the Common European Framework of Reference (upper-intermediate) .The test lasts for approximately 3 hours and the structure of the exam aims to assess the following skills: Listening Comprehension, Grammar, Vocabulary, Reading and Writing. For a better insight into the structure of the diagnostic test, model tests may be consulted on the website of Cambridge Michigan and the candidates may select the test that corresponds to the ECCE - Examination for the Certificate of Competence in English.

    - Listening Comprehension
    - Grammar
    - Vocabulary
    - Reading and Writing

Homogenisation Modules

The graduates in different fields of economics and management may be required attendance and approval in intensive base preparation courses in these areas - Homogenisation Modules. These courses are offered by the Católica Porto Business School in August / September, during the weeks preceding the start of the lessons. It is recommended, therefore, that the Applicants under these conditions use one of the first two stages of application since the third phase will not allow access to Homogenisation modules.

Applications - 2023/24

Applications for Masters of the Católica Porto Business School are permanently open.

The Programme Direction meets three times a year to assess the applications: March, July and September. After this meeting, candidates are informed of the decision and the next steps.

Stage Deadline Assessment Period Results Disclosure Enrollment
1st Until February 28th March 1st to 17th March 22nd

Until March 31st

2nd Until May 10th May 11th to 26th May 30th Until June 9th

Until August 24th

August 25th to September 6th

September 8th

Until September 15th

*In the Master in Audit and Taxation, due to the partner consultants’ intervention in the selection process of the candidates, the mentioned dates may not be fulfilled.

Documentation for the Application Process

- Identification Data Form or copy of the Identification Document/Passport
- Curriculum Vitae (CV) – CPBS Model
- Detailed undergraduate degree certificate* (original or certified copy)
- Optional: Official Diploma of English (official level B2 of The Council of Europe’s Common European Framework of References for Languages, or equivalent diploma - Cambridge FCE, Cambridge Michigan ECCE e ECPE, TOEFL, IELTS) - (CPBS graduates are exempt from the delivery of this diploma).
- Two reference letters (optional for current or former CPBS students)
- Additional assessment elements (e.g., GMAT, etc.) (optional)
- Masters in Management: Specialization Area Form

*The certificate must include the curricular units carried out, their respective classification and ECTS, as well as the final average of the course. If you have not yet completed your degree, you must present the certificate proving the course units already carried out, their classification and ECTS, as well as your current average. Apart from that, applicants must submit a declaration of honour:


- Applicants who held a degree in a foreign country must submit the certificate of qualifications: a) legalised by Portuguese diplomatic or consular authority, or b) with the Hague Apostille issued by the competent authority of the issuing country, if that country has acceded the Convention Abolishing the Requirement of Legalisation for Foreign Public Acts (the Hague Conference).
- When the documents are written in a foreign language other than Spanish, English or French, the respective translation is due which, in the case of the certificate of qualifications, must be made pursuant to the notarial law.

MSc in Management

Students who want to apply for the Masters in Management must indicate in order of preference (1-4) the specialisation areas they prefer:

    - Business Analytics
    - Management control
    - Service Management

This information is merely an indication. The functioning of areas of expertise (Business Analytics, Management Control and Service Management) is subject to a minimum number of students. The areas have different requirements in the admission of students. So, for the Management area are generally considered students with diverse basic training. In the areas of Business Analytics, Services Management and Management Control preference will be given to students with basic training in economics or management, or other courses that show a strong analytical training. The choice of specialisation area will be carried out during the first semester.