Fees and Funding (academic year 2023-24)_Undergrad

Monthly fees are set according to the corresponding number of ECTS in which the student is enrolled in the semester (minimum 18 ECTS). To each semester is due the amount corresponding to 5 monthly payments. If students follow the normal study plan 1 semester = 30 ECTS.

  Portuguese Secondary Education / legally equivalent degree Holders / Transfer / Course change Over 23 
Application (1) 155 € 275 € (from outside UCP) 230 €
225 € (from UCP)
335 € Re-entry students
Registration and enrollments 415 € (initial) | 320 € (following)
Fee per ECTS 19,05 €
Fee per month (30 ECTS) 571,50 €
Fee per semester (30 ECTS)* 2 857,50 €
Total annual cost of the 1st year (30 ECTS)** 5 715,00 €

[1] Candidates not admitted to the first phase of the 1st application season will automatically transit to the second phase, without the need for a new application or additional payment.

Other information:

  • The figures above are subject to change in subsequent school years;
  • The application value, as well as the enrollment value, are not refundable;
  • The figures presented correspond to pre-defined and exemplary situations, and does not release the consultation of the table of fees;
  • Families’ Benefits: the UCP assigns a monthly reduction to families with two or more members of the same family unit who study at the University (Undergraduate and Masters) who depend on the same income as defined in their own regulations. A reduction of 25% shall be granted to the second member and 50% to the third;
  • Withdrawal after enrollment: It is mandatory to communicate the withdrawal of the course by online application made at the Virtual Secretariat / "Secretaria Virtual" (e-SCA /). There will be the right to a refund of the 1st monthly fee, provided that the student communicates his withdrawal by August 29th 2023, and must indicate in the application the IBAN and identification of the account holder for reimbursement.

Information regarding the International Student Status fees' should be obtained with the Academic Services (admissions@ucp.pt). For this purpose, an international student is any applicant who does not have Portuguese nationality or any other from the European Union Members State, except in the situations foreseen in the Regulations for Application of the International Student Status.

Scholarships and Excellence Awards

Every effort is worth a reward
We reward the merit and the high academic performance of our students with Scholarships and Excellence Awards.

Scholarships: Full (100%) and Partial (80%, 50%, 20%)
Scholarships are awarded to the best students, defined by the ranking of the final classification for admission to the first year, in the first period and the first stage of national call for applications.

Excellence Awards: Full - Católica Top Honours (100%) and Partial - Católica Honours (80%, 50%, 20%)
The Excellence Awards are granted to the best students who pass to the second and subsequent years of the Undergraduate Programmes, based on their previous academic year performance.

Scholarships and Excellence Awards – Number and Amounts
The number and amounts of Scholarships and Excellence Awards are set up each academic year by Dispatch from the School Board of FEG/CPBS.

Additional Information
This information does not exempt consultation of the Scholarships and Excellence Awards Regulations for Undergraduate Degrees programmes in Economics and Management and the related annual Dispatch.