Ethics and Generational Diversity: (Dis)Encounters? | Collective Book Presentation Session

Thursday, May 23, 2024 - 15:30

This is the second book of the UCP Publisher's Ethics Forum Collection, which integrates works published within the context of the Annual Study of the Ethics Forum of Católica Porto Business School. It is conceived as a laboratory of thought experience, a space for critical reading, and a tool to promote ethical reflection within organizations.

"Ethics and Generational Diversity: (Mis)Encounters?" is "an invitation to (re)write for all who read it today and for future generations."

Location: Católica Porto Business School, Américo Amorim Building, Porsche Room
Date and Time: 23rd May, 3:30 pm
Format: in-person/online



3:30 pm | Welcome - João Pinto, Dean of Católica Porto Business School
3:45 pm | A Book with History - Helena Gonçalves, Coordinator of the Ethics Forum
4:00 pm | The Relevance of the Topic - Manuela Silva (former Ethics Ombudsman of EDP), co-author
4:15 pm | Generational Diversity - Interactions - Helena Gil da Costa, coordination
4:30 pm | Ethically Thinking Diversity: (Re)interpretations - Susana Magalhães, coordination
4:45 pm | Debate
5:00 pm | Porto D'Honra



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