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Examples of case studies developed by SLab:

SONAE MC: When Lean Comes to Service – Case study about the implementation of Lean principles at SONAE MC retail stores across the country, available here.

Good Year: Case study that explains the concept of Servitization in an easy way, available here

Schmitt+Sohn Elevadores: Case study that illustrates a successful servitization strategy in Portugal, in which services represent more than 50% of the company’s global sales, available here.

Nederman Insight: Case study that exemplifies an advanced service model and the use of digital technologies, available here

Clevedon Fasteners Ltd: Case study that demonstrates how even a small company that manufactures simple products can succeed with a servitization strategy, available here.


E-Book on Servitization [in Portuguese]:

Sousa, R. (2019), A Servitização da Indústria – Como Competir através dos Serviços, eBook, Universidade Católica Portuguesa, ISBN: 978-3-319-76516-7. [in Portuguese]. Available here.